Blogging Essentials

Do I care if people read my posts? Yes! Do I want to care? Not really… I want to be that cool, nonchalant blogger that posts thoughts and ramblings and exists just because they exist. But then I do a happy dance when I get a comment, and I check at least twice a day for comments from our coach (still nothing yet – just sayin) and I’m not cool and I’m not nonchalant. But I am blogging and I want to do it well.

I came across this great infographic by Demian Farnworth on UK Edchat website and I am going to try to ensure I have the blogging essentials:

  • A great headline

I don’t quite have this nailed yet. I’m thinking I could have called it “Is Anyone Out There” or maybe something along the lines of “If A Tree Falls In The Woods.” Too corny?  Maybe.

  • A great opening

While my opening for this post isn’t great, it is honest. And this post sat in my drafts for a few days because I couldn’t craft an opening – I had the infographic, I knew what I wanted to say, I just needed a hook.

  • Persuasive words

Are you still reading? Then persuasive enough! 

  • Good sentences

If simple is good then I get a point for my sentences.

  • Killer bullet points

See what I did with here? Snuck in those bullet points! But, it is a bit too choppy. 

  • Subheadings

Don’t really need any for this post. And as most of my posts are short I don’t have too many subheadings. But if I make my bullet points bold they look like a subheading…hmmm

  • Seductive story

I got nothing for this one.

  • Cliffhangers

Or this one.

  • Fabulous images 

I like this one – irrelevant but nice.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 8.42.26 PM








Creative Commons Attributions (CC By 3.0) Tango by Navie Naidu

  • Great closing

I don’t know if this is a great closing but I am happy I am coming to the end and if I am happy then the reader, if they are still with me at this 10th bullet point, will be happy. 

  • An authentic voice

I think I’m doing this – I’m writing like I speak – does that count as authentic?

I have two more posts sitting in the draft stage, one about putting your beliefs into practice and one about using templates. I’m going to work on some killer openings and sentences, bullet points and images. And I am determined to write a post that qualifies as a seductive story with a cliffhanger. Stay tuned!