I exist in too many places!

There is one part of the Course 5 final project that fills me with trepidation:

“describe your Community Engagement experience with documented evidence of ongoing, back-and-forth communication”

Why does this frighten me? Basically because I don’t do this, or at least I don’t do this well – I have not yet found a way to nurture my PLN. That is if I even have a PLN? I think I have a PLN? I have a bunch of great people I follow and learn from and I have a small but fantastically creative and connected group of friends I turn to with any specific question or request (thank you Keri-Lee, Dave, Jeff and Katie – they always answer no matter what I ask!). I post things on Twitter for my colleagues. But I don’t have a sustained dialogue on any social media and I’m not sure why. My thought at the moment is that perhaps I exist in too many places?


I’m connected (some would call it addicted). But for me it is more like a one way street. Alarm goes off, I grab my phone, check the weather app, glance quickly at my notifications, open my What’s App to answer any from my mom, Josh or Chris and take note of the others, flip over to email to quickly see if anything major happened while I was asleep (wouldn’t want to go to school if school had been cancelled for the day right?!), then it’s into Twitter for just a minute as I scan my notifications and then it is time for a shower. After my shower my phone goes in my pocket and I put on my Pebble which helps me track my footsteps and ensures that I see all my notifications right away (I don’t really need to but it is kind of fun). Once in the car I plug in my phone and I flip into Jango to listen to the top 100 songs of the day. It is only a short ride and I am at school – and then it all explodes. I grab a cup of coffee and open my laptop and I have about 30 minutes to read and action all email and skim through Twitter and open our school portal where I can chat with my colleagues in relative calm. At 8:30 we start our day. That’s when the phones start to ring with requests for support, students drop in with malfunctioning laptops and iPads and throughout the day people contact me on Google Hangouts, through text messages and email and I post on Twitter and Instagram – all this while I am in classrooms working with the 1200 students and 70 teachers at our school. Phew. And then it is 3:00 and I run a Minecraft Club or help with homework or attend Zumba. And then I return home and it is kind of like my morning but in reverse. I chat with Chris and Josh while watching American Idol with my laptop open as I read the new posts in The Old Reader and go through links for resources that I could possibly share with my staff tomorrow.

I took a short little video to highlight some of my interactions in Twitter because I do interact, it’s just quietly and in short bursts in between everything else I do:

I love this visual from Jeff Plaman:


I think I made the internet a better place today in a rather small and insignificant way. My questions for you are:

How do you nurture all your connections?
Is sustained dialogue important? Do short burst have value?